2021 Spring & Summer Racing – Client Accomplishments

Rooted Acoustic Barn Raising 5.5K

Congratulations to Wally and Michelle on completing the Rooted Acoustic Barn Raising 5.5K. Wally was 2nd in his age group in 30:16. Great job!

Michigan Titanium Races

Congratulations to Peter on completing his First Full Ironman Triathlon! He completed the Full Ironman at the Michigan Titanium Races. Congratulations on a tremendous accomplishment!

Congratulations to Catherine on completing the Olympic Distance Duathlon at the Michigan Titanium races! Catherine finished in under 4 hours! Great job!

Naperville Sprint Triathlon

Congratulations to Kathy for completing the Naperville Sprint Triathlon. Great job!

Route 66 Half Ironman Triathlon, Stoneman Sprint Triathlon **3rd in age group, PR**

Congratulations to Peter and Catherine! Peter was 3rd in his age group with a PR by almost 15 minutes in the Route 66 Half Ironman Triathlon! Catherine completed the Stoneman Sprint Triathlon! Great job by both of them!

Fit America Half Marathon **Personal Record**

Congratulations to Venkat on finishing the Fit American Half Marathon in 2:03 – a PR by 12 minutes! Great job!

Naperville City Golf Championship **1st overall**

Venkat completed the weekend by winning the Naperville City Golf Championship! Great weekend!

Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac **1st place Chicago-Mackinac Trophy **

Congratulations to Jerry and his boat Providence on finishing 1st in Section and 1st in the Chicago-Mackinac Trophy! Great Job!

The Super Marathon **Boston Qualifying Time, 2nd in age group**

Congratulations to Karl on running 3:44:04 at The Super Marathon, a Boston Qualifying Time by 6 minutes. Karl was also 2nd in his age group! Great job in a race with 95° heat at the finish!

River Grove FOP Rodger Loni 5K **3rd overall, 1st in age group**

Congratulations to Karl on finishing third overall and first in his age group at the River Grove FOP Rodger Loni 5K. Great job just two weeks after finishing the marathon!

Chicagoland Spring Half-Marathon (virtual)

Congratulations to Catherine on completing the Chicagoland Spring Half-Marathon (virtual) this weekend, Great work!

Chicagoland Spring Marathon **2nd in Age Group**

Congratulations to Karl on completing the Chicagoland Spring Marathon in 3:49! An excellent time in the heat! Karl was also 2nd in his age group! Great job!

In-person racing is starting to return! Clients are planning a few races this Spring:

  • Chicagoland Spring Marathon – 2 Clients
  • Chicagoland Spring Half Marathon – 1 Client
  • Grandma’s Marathon – 1 Client
  • River Grove FOP 5K – 2 Clients
  • Hoffman Estates Fit America 1/2 Marathon – 1 Client

Stay tuned here for results!

2020 Fall Racing – Client Accomplishments

Boston #finishStrong Virtual Challenge

Congratulations to Catherine for completing the Boston #finishStrong virtual challenge. This challenge includes a 5K in October, a 10K in November and a Half Marathon in December. Great job Catherine- great way to finish out the year!

VirtualRun.World Great Lakes Challenge

Finished this virtual challenge today. Includes virtual runs across all five of the great lakes.

Pandamit Marathon **1 client Boston Qualifying Time, 1st in age group. 1 client 2nd in age group**

Congratulations to Carolyn on her Boston Qualifying Time of 3:48 at the Pandamit Marathon! Carolyn was also 1st in her age group! Great job on a windy day!

Congratulations to Karl on being 2nd in his age group at the Pandamit Marathon! Good job!

Happy Halloween!

New York City Marathon (virtual)

Congratulations to Peter on completing the New York City Marathon (virtual) today in 4:17! Great job! (The above photo is from our last non-virtual New York City Marathon .)

Boston Marathon (virtual)

Congratulations to Karl on completing the Boston Marathon (virtual) in a great time of 3:39. Great job!

Terra Sans Pave 10 Mile Race – **1 client Female Masters Winner, 1 Client 2nd in age group**

Carolyn and Wally ran the Terra Sans Pave 10 Mile race. Carolyn was the Female Masters Winner (and 12th finisher overall) and Wally was 2nd in his age group. Great job to both of you!

Clients are planning and training for in-person and virtual races during this challenging Fall 2020 season. Plans include:

  • Terra Sans Pave 10 Mile Race – 2 clients
  • Boston Marathon (virtual) – 1 client
  • New York City Marathon (virtual) – 2 clients
  • Pandamit Marathon (Indiana) – 3 clients

Stay tuned for their results!

2020 Spring Racing – Client Accomplishments

Naperville Country Club Women’s Club Championship

Congratulations to Karen for winning (low net) the Naperville Country Club Women’s Club Championship. Great job!

Route 66 Half Iron and Stoneman Triathlons

Peter and Catherine participated in the Route 66 triathlon events. Catherine completed the Stoneman Triathlon! Peter completed the Half Iron Triathlon! Great job to both of you in the heat!

Naperville Country Club Women’s Derby

Congratulations to Karen for coming in fourth at the Naperville Country Club Women’s Derby! Great job!

Grandma’s Marathon (virtual)

Peter ran the Grandma’s Virtual Marathon today in 3:47! Great job!

Virtual RunSMART

We had another virtual RunSMART call today. Good participation! I am working on possible outdoor RunSMART class for this summer, so stay tuned!

Run Free Virtual Half Marathon:

Congratulations to Dave on completing his First Half Marathon in the Run Free Virtual Half Marathon. Great job on your winter and spring training to prepare for this race! Dave said “I want to thank you for the role you played in my training – for your guidance in RunSmart (which I really miss), in the training program you developed for me (only missed one run due the knee problem!), and for your general encouragement which I appreciated.”

Virtual RunSMART:

We had another great Virtual RunSMART today. Good to catch up with everyone. We talked about a lot of things including virtual races and possible regular racing later in 2020. Everyone is training and feeling well. We will check in again in a few weeks.

Cinco de Miler Virtual Race:

Michelle had a 5 mile PR in her Cinco de Miler Virtual race. Great job! Nice goodie bag too!

Hot Chocolate 15K Virtual Race:

Wally and I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K virtual race today (socially distanced from each other of course).. It is open until early May if you are interested: https://www.hotchocolate15k.com/chicago

The goodie bag includes the usual beautiful race jacket that they are known for so it’s worth doing!

Virtual RunSMART:

We had a virtual RunSMART get together today! It was great to see everyone and catch up. We will have another one in a few weeks.

Our first RunSMART via Zoom. No exercising, just catching up on everyone’s running status and other activities.

Favorite Race Memories/Photos:

Due to COVID-19, most if not all Client Races are being postponed or cancelled. I know this is frustrating. The gyms are closed as well. But we can still run outside! And we can share race memories from the past. Please email me your favorite race photos and memories and I will post them here!


Clients have been training for their 2020 Spring Races. Unfortunately many races are cancelled or postponed in order to control the spread of COVID-19. Current status:

  • March Madness – 2 clients – cancelled
  • Schaumburg Marathon/Half-Marathon – 2 clients – cancelled
  • Go St Louis Marathon – 1 client – cancelled
  • Boston Marathon – 1 client – cancelled
  • 2 Oceans Half Marathon – 1 client – cancelled
  • San Francisco Half Marathon – 1 client – cancelled
  • Green Bay Marathon – 1 client – cancelled/virtual race
  • Illinois Marathon/Half Marathon – 2 clients – postponed until Fall
  • Traverse City Marathon – 1 client – cancelled