Marathon Training Program

Finishing your first marathon can be one of the greatest experiences and accomplishments of your life. The road to this accomplishment can be challenging and can often be derailed by injury. Marathons and other extreme endurance sports require higher volumes of training that can often aggravate pre-existing postural and muscular imbalances. Fortunately, these injuries can often be prevented through a personalized, proactive muscular endurance, strengthening and flexibility program that works in concert with your cardiovascular training to help you arrive at the start line both fit and injury-free.

Each program includes:

  • detailed movement screening and running form analysis to assess your strengths, weaknesses and muscle imbalances
  • regular strength, flexibility and balance training sessions specifically geared toward your screening and analysis results
  • endurance training program design, monitoring and adjustment as needed
  • nutrition guidance for peak performance and/or weight loss

Each program is tailored for the individual.

L2 Performance Training is uniquely qualified to work with you to create such a program and achieve your endurance event goals. With over 25 years of Fitness Industry experience and over 35 years of Endurance Running experience, completing 29 marathons (including 3 Boston Marathons) and numerous other distance events, L2 Performance Training has used these methods to help clients achieve injury-free marathon completions, marathon time goals and Boston-Qualifying marathon efforts.

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  1. Your website was comprehensive, informative and encouraging. Your information is empowering to me. You hit the mark with this site. I have put it on my favorite list and will check in from time to time. I know you will be success in this endeavor – you are an all around winner.

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