2015 Fall Racing Season – Client Accomplishments

Fall 2015 Racing Season was awesome for our clients:

  • 7 Marathons (1 PR, 3 first time race distance completion)
  • 14 Half Marathons (4 PRs, 1 age group award, 2 first time race distance completion)
  • 1 8-miler (a PR)
  • 6 5Ks (2 age group awards, 1 first time race distance completion)
  • 1 23 mile hike
  • 1 20 mile ready-to-run training event
  • 1 corner kick goal
  • 1 first-time push-up
  • 1 magazine cover!

Here are the accomplishments in Fall 2015 by our clients:

Marathon Maniacs Newsletter Cover

Dana is famous.   Check out the cover of this month’s Marathon Maniacs Newsletter:

Dana said “I was only able to be there to post that picture of me and run that event (injury-free, I might add!) because of the effective training you put me through. :)”

Schaumburg Half Marathon Turkey Trot

Wendy, Tammie, Peter,  Catherine and Wally completed the Schaumburg Half Marathon Turkey Trot.  Wendy was 2nd in her age group!  Peter was 4th in his age group!

Thanksgiving  Day Turkey Trot Races

Nicole is our newest runner!   She completed her first race today, the Downers Grove Turkey Trot 5k.   Congratulations to Nicole!


Jerry ran the Naperville Turkey Trot 5K


Lisle Turkey Trot Tune-up 5K

Peter, Catherine and Jerry ran the Lisle Turkey Trot Tune-up 5K. Peter was 3rd overall and 1st in his age group!


Naperville Half Marathon

Michelle, Amanda, Jerome, Mary and Jim Q all completed the Naperville Half Marathon.   Michelle set a 9 minute PR and Jerome set a 6 minute PR!   Jim Q equalled his PR!   Amanda completed her first Half Marathon!

Jerome (Jay) said “I am overjoyed I cut 6 minutes off of my last half marathon time. Anxious to get together with you to get better for Spring!”

Amanda said “I’m so grateful for your training. It made all the difference–mentally and physically.”

 Congratulations to all of our athletes!

Hot Cider Hustle 8 Mile Race

Michelle ran a PR of 1:18 at the Hot Cider Hustle 8 Mile Race!   Michelle ran her first marathon at the Fox Valley Marathon just last month.   Read more about Michelle here.

Grand Rapids Marathon

Dana Grand Rapids 1  IMG_0927.JPG

Dana completed the Grand Rapids Marathon in spite of fighting a respiratory virus all week.   Great job and great perserverence!  Congratulations Dana.


Wally finished 2nd in his age group in the St. Eugene School Trot ‘n Treat 5K.

One of our 3 Rivers Soccer Club SAQ Academy participants scored a very rare corner kick goal!





Check out the video.





Chicago Marathon

Peter, Diane and Keith completed the  Chicago Marathon under less than ideal conditions (warm and windy).   Congratulations to all three marathoners!

DianeChicagoMarathon2during DianeChicagoMarathonfinisher

Diane  set a new PR by over 15 minutes!

After the race, Diane said “Hooray to a Wonderful Race & to a Beautiful Beast of a Day!”  This is Diane’s second Chicago Marathon while training 2 times per week with L2 Performance Training.   Read about Diane’s 20 year road to the marathon.


Prairie State Half Marathon



Catherine completed the Prairie State Half Marathon.   She is working toward completing the All Community Events Half Marathon Series. Congratulations to Catherine!   Catherine is a RunSMART client.   Read about RunSMART (and how to register) here.







Fran had always wanted to do a ‘real’ push-up.    And now she can!   Great job Fran!

Read more about Fran’s story.




Vikas completed a 23 mile hike around Lake Geneva in Wisconsin with his children.   Nice job!




Fox Valley Marathon

Mary, Michelle and Connie are all marathoners now!  They each completed their first marathon at the Fox Valley Marathon.  Congratulations to all three of them!   Photos from the race:


MaryFVMfinished MaryFVMhomestretch MaryFVMriver


After the race, Mary said “Thanks, Laurie! You’re the best. I couldn’t have done it without you!!”

Mary later wrote: “I never could have imagined running a marathon before I began training with Laurie. I could not have done it without her. Because she so thoroughly prepared me both physically and mentally for race day I knew I would cross the finish line. It was one of the best moments of my life. Laurie was at the finish line cheering me on. I am so happy I got to share that moment with her. It was as much her accomplishment as mine. She took me from an average runner to marathoner. I can’t wait for the next marathon!”  Read about Mary’s road to the Marathon.


Michelle4FVM Michelle3FVMIMG_0543-0.jpg

Michelle later wrote “On that lovely fall morning, Laurie was there at the start of the race. As always, she was encouraging and had more faith in me than I did in myself. And I did it….it was long, and ugly but I finished. 26.2! I absolutely could not have managed without Laurie’s help. And, being the cool coach that she is, Laurie got me a 26.2 magnet for my car.”  Read about Michelle’s journey here

Connie2croppedFVM ConnieFVM

After the race, Connie said “FIRST and foremost…thank you for all of your love for running and the strength you gave me to even move on through my injuries. I can’t thank you enough for all of your support. No matter how long it took me I wanted to try this before I turned 60 which is in December. I did it!!”  Read about Connie here.







CARA Chicago Ready to Run 20 miler

Dana was a Pace Group Leader at the CARA Chicago Ready to Run 20 miler. Here she is leading her team.



Naperville Trails Half Marathon

Peter and Joe completed the Naperville Trails Half-Marathon.

Peter set a new Half-Marathon PR of 1:28:07.   He was 16th overall and 3rd in his age group.
After the race, Peter said “somehow I managed to beat my previous half marathon PR by 38 seconds, most of which I earned on the last 2 miles.  Thanks for your help.”  Read more about Peter’s success here.








Joe completed his first Half-Marathon at Naperville Trails with an excellent time of 1:46:11.
After the race, Joe said “Thank you!  Feel amazing, nothing hurts, and enjoyed myself!   Thank you for all of your help!”




Great job by both athletes!

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