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All L2 Performance Training Runner Training Programs are individualized, customized, comprehensive and integrated running, coaching and strength training programs designed to progress your running quickly, efficiently and safely to help you arrive at the starting line of your goal event fit and injury-free. Each program includes:

    • Review of running history, injury history and medical history
    • Functional Movement Screening to assess muscle weaknesses, imbalances and range-of-motion limitations and identify injury-prone areas
    • Running Form Analysis to pinpoint any bio-mechanical risks or issues
    • Running Drills to improve running form for higher performance and better running economy
    • Regularly scheduled one-on-one strength, flexibility and balance training sessions (to strengthen the body for the rigors of running and to improve running performance, while preventing injuries that can occur due to muscle imbalance and postural issues)
    • Scientifically-developed endurance running training program tailored to your goals and to your schedule, including ongoing monitoring and adjustment as needed (to maximize endurance development and minimize injury risk by addressing early injury indicators before injuries fully develop)
    • nutrition guidance (for peak performance and/or weight loss)
    • hydration guidance (critical for success in long-distance running)
    • Ongoing coaching, program monitoring and program adjustments to keep you on track for your goals (3 months initially – renewable monthly on an ongoing basis)

Each program is tailored for the individual. See below for more specifics on each program:

Beginner Running Program

First 5K Training Program

Half-Marathon Training Program

Marathon Training Program

For more information on any of these Runner Training Programs, or on any of our other services, please contact L2 Performance Training via email:

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