2018 Spring Racing – Client Accomplishments

2018 Boston Marathon

Congratulations Carolyn on completing the 2018 Boston Marathon in 4:20 in very difficult conditions!   Great Job Carolyn on your first Boston Marathon!

Carolyn said: “I’m so happy I accomplished this!  Thanks for all your help! You are awesome!”.    Carolyn, you are awesome!

Shamrock Shuffle 8K

Michelle ran the Shamrock Shuffle 8K.  She’s just getting warmed up for her spring racing season!

Bolingbrook St Paddy’s Day Half Marathon

Michelle ran the Bolingbrook St Paddy’s Day Half Marathon in 2.07. Great Job Michelle!   Wendy finished in 1:57 (2nd in age group) – great work!

Preparation for Spring Racing

Clients are busy strength training and following their running programs to prepare for Spring Races, including: St Patrick’s Day 1/2 Marathon (1 client), Shamrock Shuffle (1 client), Boston Marathon (1 client), Naperville Woman’s 1/2 Marathon (1 client), Sly Fox 1/2 Marathon (1 client), Illinois Marathon (2 clients), Illinois 10K (1 client), Kalamazoo 1/2 Marathon (1 client), Quarryman Challenge (1 client), Chicagoland Spring Marathon (2 clients), Green Bay Marathon (2 clients), Twilight Madison 1/2 Marathon (1 client), Route 66 1/2 Ironman (1 client).   Stay tuned for their results!

2017 Fall Racing – Client Accomplishments

Lisle Turkey Trot Tune-up 5K

Tony, Catherine and Carolyn ran the Lisle Turkey Trot Tune-up 5K.  Carolyn was 4the in her age group!  Tony finished 4th in his age group.   Great job in Tony’s first year racing!

New York City Marathon

Congratulations Peter and Wally on completing the New York City Marathon  Great Job!

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Congratulations Paul on a PR of 3:06:17 at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon!   Great run! – a PR by 2 minutes.  Paul really noticed a delay in leg fatigue compared to previous races due to our strength training program implemented over the last few months.   He is excited to see what the strength training does for 2018!

Naperville Half Marathon

One week after her marathon, Mary completed the Naperville Half Marathon.   Great job Mary – now you can rest!

PNC Milwaukee Marathon

Congratulations to Mary on an awesome 4:37 at the PNC Milwaukee Marathon in windy (30mph) conditions.  Great rebound after running Fox Valley a month ago in hot conditions.  Great work!  Was she happy she did this 2nd race in 4 weeks? “So so happy!!  got out of my comfort zone.  The course was beautiful. Thanks for all the encouragement.  I needed that push.”

Chicago Marathon

Congratulations to Paul, Diane, Michelle, Bill, John and Carolyn on completing the Chicago Marathon this past weekend.   Great Job!  Diane said she was “grateful for another Marathon finished Running & with a Smile.”  After the race, Bill, a new RunSMART participant, was amazed at his fast post-marathon recovery: “My legs feel awesome – best recovery ever from a marathon.  The day after the marathon felt like a week post marathon.”   Michelle enjoyed her first Chicago Marathon experience: “I gotta say – it was very cool.”

Fox Valley Marathon

Peter, Karl and Mary completed the Fox Valley Marathon in brutally hot conditions today.   Karl was 2nd in his age group – not bad for his First Marathon in over 40 years!   Karl has battled injuries over the years but after working with him the past 2 years he trained for and completed the marathon pain-free!  Great job Karl!  Michelle completed the 20 miler in preparation for the Chicago Marathon in October.

Route 66 Half Iron Man 

Peter completed the Route 66 Half Ironman today in 5:42 and was 8th in his age group.   Great Job Peter on your first Half Ironman Triathlon!

Pedal across Wisconsin Northwoods

Susan completed the Pedal across Wisconsin Northwoods (a 350 mile, 7 day trip) this past week.   Great job Susan!


Many clients are working hard training for their fall racing goals.   Clients will be running several races including: Naperville Half Marathon (2+ clients), Indianapolis Monumenta (1 client/BQ attempt), NYC Marathon (3 clients).   Stay tuned for their results!