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L2 Performance Training has successfully trained runners and endurance athletes of all ability levels, in all cases improving their performance and helping them achieve their endurance racing goals. Below are some of their stories:

Karl hadn’t run regularly in years due to chronic, nagging knee pain.  ” Now that I am back to pain-free running, I have been working on time goals.  Recently I cut 6 minutes off of my half-marathon time and 3 minutes off of my 10K time in just 1 month!  My half marathon time is now within 10 minutes of my best time I ran more than 40 years ago!   Thank you again for helping me get back to pain-free and enjoyable running.”  Read more about Karl’s journey back to pain-free, competitive running here.

Joe was interested in taking up running and came to us for help with strength training and a running program to get him to a successful marathon completion.  He completed his First Marathon at the 2016 Chicago Marathon in a great time of 4:01.   Congratulations Joe!  “Laurie helped me through my first half marathon and now my first marathon. She has been through it many times and will help you achieve your best!”

Connie was injured just 3 weeks before her first marathon and came to us for help in achieving her dream of successfully completing her first Marathon.  “For a personal trainer and marathoner herself, whom I just met for an hour, to show so much support made me realize that she truly loves running and cares about her clients’ success and achievement of their goal.”  Read Connie’s injury recovery story.

Mary had a serious running injury that had her sidelined.  Read about her journey not just to recovery, but to success as a runner – so far she has completed several half-marathons, her First Marathon at the Fox Valley Marathon in 2015 and her second Marathon at Fox Valley in 2016, recording a 1 hour Personal Record.  “I never could have imagined running a marathon before I began training with Laurie. I could not have done it without her. Because she so thoroughly prepared me both physically and mentally for race day I knew I would cross the finish line. It was one of the best moments of my life. Laurie was at the finish line cheering me on. I am so happy I got to share that moment with her. It was as much her accomplishment as mine. She took me from an average runner to marathoner. I can’t wait for the next marathon!”  Read Mary’s Injury Recovery and Marathon story.

Michelle S. was a runner ‘in denial’ – sort of wanting to run farther than a few miles but thwarted by injury.    Read about her journey to completion of her first Marathon in 2015. “I did it….it was long, and ugly but I finished. 26.2! I absolutely could not have managed without Laurie’s help.”   Michelle completed her second Marathon in 2016 with a 70 minute Personal Record.   Read about Michelle’s journey to becoming a marathoner.

Diane had all but given up on her dream of running a marathon 20 years ago due to injury, but her training with us allowed her to reach her goal.  Read about her achievements (including completion of her first Marathon in 2014 and multiple age-group medals in shorter races).  “Not only have I run my first marathon, I am now running faster and placing in my age group in every race I have registered since training with Laurie.”  Diane has now run 3 Chicago Marathons.   Read about Diane’s 20 year road to the marathon.

Peter V. was an excellent runner, but nagging injuries hampered his training and kept him from his goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.   “One thing Laurie won’t have you do is to give up on your dream, she’ll make you get there.”  Read about Peter’s Boston Qualifying success.

Jerry took up running late in life and struggled – read about his journey to become a runner, lose weight (55lb and counting!) and improve his overall health.  “She offers her clients a high degree of inspiration and motivation to get you physically and mentally turned around, eating properly, exercising properly, back on track and in shape in short order.  She is a great coach!”   In 2016, Jerry completed his First Half Marathon at age 70!   Read about Jerry’s running and weight loss success.

Wally was a consistent runner (9-12 miles per week) with the completion of a marathon an unfulfilled dream.  Wally had his first marathon completion in 2011 and has had continuing marathon success with L2 Performance Training (6 marathon completions and counting).  “Laurie is always adding new things to the program to strengthen and balance my body and make it healthier, fitter and stronger. She knows how to address your needs when something begins to hurt and correct it before it becomes an issue.”  Read about Wally’s international journey.

Mike ran just to warm up for his workouts and really didn’t like running, read about his journey to becoming a consistent runner who actually enjoys running and a 2-time marathoner.  “As a result of Laurie’s training program and pacing plan, I am pleased to say I did ‘Beat Oprah’ – I finished in 4:26!”  Read about Mike’s marathon and weight loss success.

Jim has been a runner for quite some time and was experiencing some nagging injuries as his running career progressed. “She sets a high standard for what she wants and coaches you to achieve it.”  Read about Jim’s training.

Dana was looking to lose weight and avoid running injuries: “I’m making progress with strength, stability and minimizing imbalances. I’m feeling better about my weight loss process now that I’m working with Laurie on it (progress is slow, but I’m building steam). And Laurie’s been helping me push through the winter doldrums to get myself aerobically active even if I can’t feasibly run outside; now that the weather is starting to give way to Spring, I’m looking forward to taking these improvements out onto the trail and hopefully enjoy being less injury-prone this season.”  (Dana has since completed 2 marathons without injury)

Peter K. had been inactive due to years working at a desk and raising a family.  “Thank you  for all you have done for me.    I couldn’t even walk around the block without being in pain and now I am running some. My daughters and I did do the Color Vibe 5K, and while my time was a little slower than I had hoped, the point is that I did it and that would not have been possible if I had been training with you.”

Steve has been a consistent L2 Performance Training Group Exercise participant and has developed into an accomplished marathoner, triathlete and distance cyclist.   “Over the years I have learned quite a bit from Laurie related to running and most likely would not have done as well in my races without obtaining the skill and knowledge Laurie shared with me.”  Read about Steve here.

Larry was a runner (10-12 miles per week) but never thought he could complete a marathon. Read about his success – 18 marathon completions and a sub-4 hour marathon finish.  “I never would have accomplished this without Laurie’s help and advice.”:  Read about Larry’s marathon successes.

Burnsie has had great success as a marathoner (Boston Marathon Qualifier) and Ultra-Marathon runner with a 104-mile Personal Record in a 24-hour event, as well as several 50 mile trail-race completions.  “Laurie is fantastic at training anyone to reach the level they are capable of obtaining.”  Read about Burnsie’s ultra marathoner journey.


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Brian Sommer has been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) for over 16 years and has worked on numerous runners of all ability levels.  Read what he has to say about the techniques and programs used at L2 Performance Training.

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