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L2 Performance Training has also had great success with clients with improving sports conditioning for a variety of sports and with achieving overall fitness goals, including weight loss, injury/surgery recovery, general fitness and other goals.   Read some of their stories here:

PJ was a golfer and a runner with alot of running pain and some issues with his golf game:  “I originally came to Laurie for help with some running goals I had set and wasn’t attaining in the ways I had wanted. I had previously dislocated my knee in an accident and had a lot of discomfort while running. With a lot of hard work, dedication, and Laurie’s guidance, I can now comfortably run a 5k several times a week!

The benefits to my golf game were also unbelievable! I went from a 26.8 handicap to an 18.4 within a year on the golf course. With Laurie’s training focus on hip mobility and core strength, I was able to ditch the bad habits on the course and immediately lowered my scores. My drives went from a 250-yard slice to a consistent 280-yard draw. I have even had a few in the 320s! I highly recommend Laurie for any of your personal training needs!”

Karen had been an avid golfer, but chronic pain was jeopardizing her golf future:  “I’ll start out by saying that I am very biased. I think Laurie is a fantastic trainer.   Now that my body is a lot stronger, I feel like I am back on the road to improving my golf game instead of just being able to be on the course. I played my first official round of the season yesterday and I was hitting the ball further than I have in the past. My mid range and short game was even better. Whenever I see a professional athlete that is struggling with chronic injuries, I think…they should train with Laurie.”   Read more about Karen here.

Fran was looking for a change, but she faced medical challenges, including multiple spinal surgeries: “Laurie is the most passionate and encouraging trainer I have ever met.  I have undergone numerous PT sessions through my life but I have never had as patient and knowledgeable coach as Laurie. She is always ready with an alternative exercise due to my limitations. She makes sure I am not in pain during the exercise and she always watched and corrects my form.  In just a few months Laurie was able to increase my strength tremendously and show me that I CAN get stronger despite the challenges life presented me with.”   Read more about Fran’s story.

Update from Fran: “I wanted to share these photos with you because most of the credit goes to you!   On the left is me about a year and a couple months ago…on the right is me currently.  It’s amazing how much my body transformed!”

Michelle B. was at risk for diabetes until she lost 2 pant sizes with our training:  “Her workouts are great and she really teaches you the correct way to hold/move your body to get the most out of the work out. I even got my husband to start seeing her… I would recommend (and have done so) Laurie to anyone that wants to look and feel better. She’s wonderful!”  Read about Michelle’s health success.

Nicole wanted specific toning results in specific areas of her body: “Laurie has changed my strength, my shape and the way I look at taking care of myself. I don’t think I will ever quit.  My best friend (Beth – see the next testimonial) asked me “ok who is this Laurie and when can I start?” She now sees Laurie twice a week also.”    Read about Nicole’s body transformation.

Beth V. noticed Nicole’s results and wanted to train: “Not only has she increased my strength and helped me tone my body, she has also taught me how to breathe properly and has given me simple stretches that work wonders to relieve shoulder tension. I love feeling stronger and actually seeing results”.  Read more about Beth.

Dan was looking for general fitness and to recover from some chronic injuries: “I was going to get a prescription for Physical Therapy, but because my trainer has been giving me corrective actions during our training sessions, my overall body soreness is as an all-time low. My knees, back and shoulders don’t hurt anymore, and I feel better than I have in a long time!  I’ve noticed my strength and endurance have increased quite a bit.”

Julie was experiencing significant knee  pain when she started her personal training: “”I started training with Laurie nearly two years ago, after relocating to the area. I had been working out with a trainer for more than two years, and thought I knew what to expect, but my experience has been head and shoulders above my expectations. I was immediately told I needed to see an orthopedist regarding my knee and I needed a joint replacement. Laurie worked with me extensively before the surgery to build up the muscles surrounding the knee. As a direct result of this preparation, I sailed through the surgery and recovery, returning to the gym 3 weeks post op and I haven’t looked back.
In the eighteen months since my surgery, I have continued to grow stronger and have surpassed my ideas of what is possible. Laurie is always good about assessing my needs, modifying movements or finding alternatives when one movement isn’t working for me. She is encouraging without being overly solicitous, and I truly believe she has a keen interest in seeing me succeed.”

Stephanie had gotten out of shape and also had hip and knee pain:  “I first started seeing Laurie as my personal trainer in early 2014 shortly after joining Edward’s Fitness center. My goals weren’t really specific, but I knew that I had lost a lot of strength and wanted to start weight lifting. Laurie immediately put a plan together and has continued to adapt my training to respond to my development. My sessions consist largely of body-weight exercises, use of free weights and cable machines. You won’t ever get bored working out with Laurie because she has an endless variety of techniques to get you in shape!    I was diagnosed with a hip impingement (abnormally shaped hip bones) and a labral tear in late 2014. At that time, Laurie further individualized my training to reduce further injury as well as strengthen the muscles that support the joint. She has a keen interest in and deep knowledge of human physiology. I truly believe I was able to put off surgery a lot longer due to the specific strengthening program she developed for me. Before my surgery, she again altered my program to increase core training which has GREATLY enhanced my recovery period. My Physical Therapist has been impressed!    In addition to being intelligent and capable, Laurie is very thoughtful and trustworthy, fun to talk to, and a real pleasure to work with. Whatever your fitness needs, I would highly recommend Laurie without reservation!”

Daniel and Beth are in their early 70s and wanted to stay active: “Laurie is a gifted personal trainer. She is an A+ student of what she does. She is knowledgeable; diligent; sensitive; cautious and fastidious.”

Diane L. was a home exerciser and was experiencing a lot of chronic pain and some pelvic floor dysfunction: “After years of being a home exercise/runner I developed many bad habits which resulted in pain from my neck to shoulders down to my lower back all due to improper form. My decision to try a personal trainer led me to Laurie. She has the overall knowledge needed to correct the bad habits along with proper strength training methods to help correct my issues. She knew exactly what stretches I needed to help alleviate the problems as well. I am happy to say that her strength training has really helped alleviate all of my symptoms.  The real bonus for me was her ability to work with my pelvic floor issues.   I found a true gem in Laurie!”

Abby was looking to tone up and get stronger: “Each week my trainer either changes a workout to increase the difficulty or adds an entirely new workout to keep challenging my strength and endurance. I am not looking to lose a ton of weight, but rather to increase my strength and “tone up”, and after 3 months I can say I am much stronger as compared to my first session”

Meghan wanted to improve her tone and lose weight for her upcoming wedding: “Laurie is a great trainer.  The workout created was unique to me. Each workout is geared towards improving my flexibility, stability and strength.  Periodically the routine changes, which keeps me on my toes and I never get bored.  I’ve dropped 4 dress sizes and am feeling more confident in myself after every workout. Thanks for getting me ready for my wedding in just under 3 months.”

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  1. I trained with Laurie for almost two years and would have continued were it not for the unfortunate situation of closing of the gym at which I trained. It was a great experience training with her as she custom designed the training to my individual needs to help me improve my general fitness. She was flexible and accommodating to my schedule and helped me stay on course by building enough stretch in the workout to push me beyond my comfort zone. I was able to complete a 22.5 mile hike in 10 hours which is a testament to the program she designed for me to improve my general fitness.

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