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RunSMART – Small-Group Strength Training Class (6 week sessions):

  • “As a beginning runner, participating in RunSMART has helped me build strength and balance and increased my confidence that I can run without injury. The class camaraderie is motivating too, since the participants are avid & enthusiastic runners.” Julie
  • “RunSMART has made me stronger with no injuries since starting the program…plus you get the bonus of an experienced marathoner to help guide your running journey!” Kitty S. (Multiple-Marathon Finisher)
  • “I’ve been trying to qualify for Boston*, but always suffered hip & ankle problems.  RunSMART has helped keep me injury free which in turn allows me to run a lot stronger, faster and happier.” Peter (4 time Boston Qualifier, 2 Time Boston Finisher)
  • “A well-planned program run by a true Sports Training Professional with a high degree of knowledge of the human body…don’t wait another day to sign up, you won’t regret it!” Jerry (Half-Marathon Finisher)
  • “RunSMART offers many benefits for every type of runner, from beginners to veterans. Personally, I have experienced a measurable increase in my hip, quad and glute strength; which are challenging areas for many runners. The participants of the class all have different reasons for being there. Some are looking to return to running after struggling with injuries, while others are focused on specific running goals and take this class to help achieve those goals injury-free. Laurie provides runners with a wealth of knowledge about the physiology of running, and some of the best running advice I have received. Taking her class has absolutely made me a better runner!” Charisma
  • “RunSMART has helped me cut down on the persistent injuries that constantly plagued my running as well as allowed me to better recover from longer runs.  I work out every Saturday with other runners staying fit and injury free.  I’m now running distances that for me, I never dreamed possible.” Michelle (Multiple-Marathon Finisher)
  • “RunSMART class was one of the best investments I ever made.  Laurie’s exact science of knowing how to identify and strengthen runners’ problem areas is exactly what I needed while beginning conditioning to run again”.  Helen-Marie
  • “I want to thank you for the RunSMART class. As a senior runner, I kept getting a series of injuries which kept me from training consistently. After taking the RunSMART class I am able to run more regularly and for longer distances.  I have less knee and foot pain.  I recently ran a 10K race for the first time in three years – the Sly Fox race in St. Charles.  Pretty hilly!  I ran 57:39. I was hoping for a little better time, but I won my age group (65+).” Kurt
  • “Laurie’s RunSMART strength training class is designed for runners.  It’s a great weekly class with a wonderful group of runners.” Carolyn (Boston Qualifier/Boston Finisher)
  • “I’m enjoying the RunSmart program, and I believe it is not only making me a better runner, but is also improving my overall strength.” David
  • “It’s pretty simple, you show up and are coached to do the things you always hear that a runner should do, but on your own you probably don’t. This is a well designed class to help prevent injury and keep one running well.” Jim (Multiple-Marathon Finisher)
  • “I legged out a 10 mile run today!  Thank you for your help in making me stronger.   Especially during these many months of recovery.” Dave (recovering from major heart surgery)

Training Kit for Runners & Gold Standard Coaching Program:

  • Fast feet video – click here
  • “I still can’t believe I finished a marathon! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for all your help, wisdom, guidance and encouragement. You helped me stick to my goal: to finish without injury. This has been such an empowering journey I never thought was possible.” Dahlia (First Marathon, Gold Standard Coaching Program, RunSMART)
  • “I couldn’t have imagined doing this without the support of Laurie Lasseter who was incredible with her training program and responding to my innumerable texts in the middle of the night.”  Venkat (First Marathon, Virtual/Online Gold Standard Coaching Program)
  • “I highly recommend meeting with Laurie and taking advantage of “The Training Kit for Runners.” I had my best running season ever while using the strength and running training programs that Laurie developed specifically for me. The impact was especially noticeable in the later stages of long runs where I able to finish strong, and maintain or go faster than my goal pace. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced marathoner, working with Laurie will make you a better runner!” Keith (Multiple Marathon Finisher)
  • I am overjoyed I cut 6 minutes off of my last half marathon time. Anxious to get together with you again to get better for Spring!”  Jerome
  • “FIRST and foremost…thank you for all of your love for running and the strength you gave me to even move on through my injuries. I can’t thank you enough for all of your support. No matter how long it took me I wanted to try this before I turned 60 which is in December. I did it*. I’m feeling good.” Connie (Marathon Finisher)
  • Before the race: “The exercises you prescribed are getting easier, so that’s a good sign! Plus, I’m remembering your suggestions for arm position.  Thanks for all the training tips.  Thanks for your support! I appreciate it very much.”  After the race: “I’m so grateful for your training. It made all the difference–mentally and physically.”  Amanda
  • “Everything is going well!  Every week my foot injury feels much better. No other aches at all really! Even my lower back pain has gone away! Everything I’ve been working on is challenging but it’s going well!” Daisy (Boston Qualifier/Boston Finisher)
  • “You are a genius, Laurie!! That was such a good workout!! Loved it! It was super challenging but so awesome! I know this will prepare me for Boston.” Daisy (Boston Qualifier/Boston Finisher)
  • “This is a great set of exercises that I will continue to do in preparation for the half marathon and beyond.  Thanks again for your help.” Michael (ultra-Marathon runner and 2:30 marathoner)
  • “Thank you for all the great work!” Anthony

Marathon Training Workshop:

  • “As a distance runner, I signed up for the Edward Health and Fitness marathon running workshop given by Laurie Lasseter hoping to sharpen my marathon running knowledge. It did just that, it covered everything from training programs to post-race recovery. Well worth it.” Wally W. (multiple Marathon Finisher)
  • “The Marathon Training Workshop at Edward Health & Fitness at Seven Bridges that I took in 2014 was a perfect way to prepare for my first half marathon. The material covered was so thorough; I learned everything from training nutrition, race day hydration to event arrival/parking logistics. It really helped build my confidence before race day. I’ve since done 3 Half-Marathons.  I took advantage of the workshop again when it was offered this past spring. I’m training for my first marathon in the fall* and needed the guidance of the workshop and Laurie Lasseter. She shares her own race experiences which are invaluable. I would recommend the workshop for anyone whether it’s your first race or a goal race..  Mary C. (Multiple Marathon Finisher)

* Mary completed her first marathon this fall at the Fox Valley Marathon in 2015!

  • “Thanks Laurie for putting it on!  I sure learned a few things and feel a little more prepared for race day*.  I’ve been trying out that breathing technique you told us about for side stitched this week and it is sure helping me! I used to stop and walk until my side stitch went away when running but now I can run through them with the 3:2 technique. Yippee!!!” Kristine (Marathon Finisher)

* Kristine completed her first Marathon at the New York City Marathon in 2014!

Running Fundamentals/Running for a Healthy Lifestyle Workshop:

  • “The content was clearly very well organized and was packed with great details that could be applied to any level of runner.
    Every participant rated the event high in all areas.  I would say, overall, that these survey results are very flattering to your program.”  Midwestern University (course survey results)
  • “This was exactly what I was looking for!!! I really appreciated the fueling and breathing ideas. Also, the suggestion to use regular routine for race day. Lots more. Thanks.” Sandra
  • “The workshop was very good. It was very helpful to go up to the track and have our form evaluated. The warm up ideas were good. It was also helpful to know which muscles needed to be strengthened and how to determine your hydration needs. Allowing time for questions was great too.” Mary P.
  • “I thought it was a very good class. There were runners from all levels and the information was put out in a way that everyone took something home from it.” Wally W.
  • “Great Job on the Running Fundamentals class. Very, Very good!” Jerry
  • “Thank you for running that workshop…. I found it to be helpful and informative.” David
  • “The workshop was good – especially the details such as breathing techniques.” Patrick
  • “I very much enjoyed the class and the help with my form” Cassandra

Sports Conditioning Personal Training:

  • 60 yard dash (baseball testing):   Justin’s dad said “Justin’s 60 yard dash time improved by over 3/10 of a second after training with you this winter.   We are looking for another big jump this summer and will be looking to get more training with you this summer to achieve that”  Justin has since gone on to play all-star level Division 1 College Baseball at Ball State University.
  • Obstacle course racing: “All of the crawling training really helped me.  Spider crawls training worked awesome.  My team said I was like a monkey.  So I think our Sports Conditioning training and our running training program did it.   I wasn’t even sore after the event!”  Wally
  • Golf: “Through foot orthotics and Laurie’s training and guidance, I was able to get back on the golf course. Now that my body is a lot stronger than it has been in years, I feel like I am back on the road to improving my golf game instead of just being able to be on the course. I played my first official round of the season yesterday and am very, very encouraged. It was cold (40 degrees) and soft since it has been raining and I was still hitting the ball further than I have in the past. My mid range and short game was even better.  Whenever I see a professional athlete that is struggling with chronic injuries, I think…they should train with Laurie.” Karen

Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) Academy (Sports Conditioning Small Group Training):

CiaraCorner kick goal video
  • “Last Friday we held our first SAQ classes, they were a big hit!  Such a successful first night for SAQ!!”  3 Rivers Soccer Club
  • Its exactly what I need to be doing to get in shape and fit.   I am going to sign up for the next session – I am already noticing a difference in my soccer performance.” 3 Rivers Soccer Club SAQ Participant
  • “My kids really like the class.” 3 Rivers Soccer Club Parent
  • After I take this class I feel like I can do anything!” 3 Rivers Soccer Club SAQ Participant
  • One of our 3 Rivers Soccer Club SAQ Academy participants scored a very rare corner kick goal!  Check out the video.

Group Exercise – Cardio Jam:

  • “I was impressed with how she was able to make what appeared to be a difficult class into a fun workout. Soon I joined her class, and I have been hooked ever since!   For me aerobics was a great way of cross training as I developed endurance, leg strength, cardio conditioning and coordination” Steve

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