2019 Spring Racing – Client Accomplishments

Rooted Acoustic Barn Raising 5K **2 Clients 2nd in age group**

Wally and Michelle were both 2nd in their age group in the Rooted Acoustic Barn Raising 5K. Great job!

Naperville Rotary Ride

Peter and Catherine did the Naperville rotary ride today. Peter rode over 100 miles and Catherine rode over 25 miles. Great job!

2019 Naperville Country Club Women’s Derby **Winner**

Karen won the 2019 Naperville Country Club Women’s Derby golf tournament! Karen’s game has really been improving this year. Great job Karen!

Route 66 Half “Ironman” Triathlon **30th overall, 5th in age group**

Peter completed the Route 66 Half “Ironman” Triathlon in under 6 hours!   He was 30th overall and 5th in his age group!

RAGBRAI 7 day Bicycle Ride

Susan completed the RAGBRAI 7 day bicycle ride across Iowa (approximately 470 miles).  Great job Susan!

Race to Macinac (sailboat race) **8th overall, 3rd in section**

Jerry and his team completed the Race to Macinac 8th overall and 3rd in their section.  Congratulations to the Providence team!

Chicago Full Moon 5K **1 client 1st in age group**

Wally, Michelle and Brianna ran the Chicago Full Moon 5K. Brianna was 1st in her age group!

Joliet Bike Club Fourth of July Century Ride

Peter, Michelle and Catherine participated in this ride. Peter rode a total of 140 miles (he also rode to and from the event). Michelle and Catherine each rode 30 miles. Nice work!

Milton Optimist Independence Day 10K **5th in Age Group**

Wally was 5th in his age group in 56:05 at the Milton Optimist Independence Day 10K. Great job in hot weather!

Quarry Crusher Race **2nd in Age Group**

Carolyn was 2nd in her age group at the Quarry Crusher Race. Congratulations to Carolyn!

TOMRV Bike Ride

Congratulations to Peter for finishing the 2 day TOMRV Bike Ride. This was Peter’s longest ride so far: 106 miles the first day and 88 miles the second day with almost 10,000 feet of elevation! Great job Peter!

River Grove FOP 5K **5 clients 1st in age group!, 1 client 1st Masters Female**

Karl, Carolyn, Colin, Brianna and Connie each ran the River Grove FOP 5K. All 5 were first in their age groups!Carolyn was 1st Masters Female! Great job to all!

Hex Bar Deadlift **New Personal Record**

Julie set a new Personal Record this week in the Hex Bar Deadlift.   Julie has been diligently working on her deadlifting after knee replacement surgery and has now surpassed her earlier highest weight lift.   Julie did this new weight for 3 sets x 8 repetitions!  Great job!

Ridge Run 10K  **Age Group Winner**

Diane was First in her Age Group at the Ridge Run 10K.  Great Job!

2019 Chicagoland Spring Marathon **Boston Qualifying Time, 1st in age group**

Karl finished the Chicagoland Spring Marathon in 3:42:02! Another Boston Qualifier! And 1st in his age group! And another best time since his return to running. Great job!

Peter finished the Chicagoland Spring Marathon just a few weeks after finishing Boston. Great work!

Mary finished the Chicagoland Spring Marathon in tough conditions and battling an injury. Well done!

Catherine and Carolyn completed the Chicagoland Spring Half Marathon today in tough conditions. Great job!

2019 Big Sur International Marathon

Carolyn completed the Big Sur Marathon in 4:17!  A great time on a very difficult course.  Very well done!

2019 Boston Marathon **2 Clients Finished, 1 Boston Qualifying Time**

Peter turning left on Boylston…the greatest turn in all of marathoning!

 L2 Performance Training Clients Peter and Karl have completed the 2019 Boston Marathon!   Peter completed the race in 3:46. Karl has completed the race in 3:49 (which is another Boston Qualifying Time!).   Great job to our Boston Marathoners!  Both of them are running the Chicagoland Spring Marathon in May – they are in good shape for a hard effort at that race!

Morton Arboretum Champion of Trees 10K

Carolyn ran the Morton Arboretum Champion of Trees 10K as a tune up for the Big Sur Marathon in 2 weeks. Carolyn was 8th in her age group. Great job!

GoStLouis Half Marathon **1st Half Marathon**

Jonathan after completing his first Half Marathon

Jonathan completed his First Half Marathon today at the GoStLouis! Half Marathon after a short journey from non runner to Half Marathon finisher. After the race, Jonathan said “The weather was nice, but there were a lot of hills – the last 2 miles we’re mostly up hill. Very happy to be done. Thanks for all your help! Will see if I’m up for another one ?? ” Great work! You can read more about Jonathan and his journey on the runners testimonials page.

Bolingbrook St Paddy’s Half Marathon

Peter ran the Bolingbrook St Paddy’s Day Half Marathon to kick off his spring racing season. He held a good practice pace in prep for the Boston Marathon coming up in a few weeks!

Spring 2009 Racing – Client Racing Plans

Clients are gearing up now for their Spring races!  Clients are following their L2 Performance Training running plans, taking RunSMART and doing Personal Training.   Clients spring racing plans include:

  • GoStLouis Half Marathon (1 client)
  • Boston Marathon (2 clients)
  • Big Sur Marathon (1 client)
  • Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon (1 client)
  • Chicagoland Spring Marathon (5 clients)
  • Chicagoland Spring Half Marathon (1 client)

Stay tuned for their results!

F3 Lakefront Half Marathon

Well it’s not spring yet, but Mary ran the F3 Lakefront Half Marathon on a super cold January day last week in 2:09. Great Job!

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