2020 Fall Racing – Client Accomplishments

Boston #finishStrong Virtual Challenge

Congratulations to Catherine for completing the Boston #finishStrong virtual challenge. This challenge includes a 5K in October, a 10K in November and a Half Marathon in December. Great job Catherine- great way to finish out the year!

VirtualRun.World Great Lakes Challenge

Finished this virtual challenge today. Includes virtual runs across all five of the great lakes.

Pandamit Marathon **1 client Boston Qualifying Time, 1st in age group. 1 client 2nd in age group**

Congratulations to Carolyn on her Boston Qualifying Time of 3:48 at the Pandamit Marathon! Carolyn was also 1st in her age group! Great job on a windy day!

Congratulations to Karl on being 2nd in his age group at the Pandamit Marathon! Good job!

Happy Halloween!

New York City Marathon (virtual)

Congratulations to Peter on completing the New York City Marathon (virtual) today in 4:17! Great job! (The above photo is from our last non-virtual New York City Marathon .)

Boston Marathon (virtual)

Congratulations to Karl on completing the Boston Marathon (virtual) in a great time of 3:39. Great job!

Terra Sans Pave 10 Mile Race – **1 client Female Masters Winner, 1 Client 2nd in age group**

Carolyn and Wally ran the Terra Sans Pave 10 Mile race. Carolyn was the Female Masters Winner (and 12th finisher overall) and Wally was 2nd in his age group. Great job to both of you!

Clients are planning and training for in-person and virtual races during this challenging Fall 2020 season. Plans include:

  • Terra Sans Pave 10 Mile Race – 2 clients
  • Boston Marathon (virtual) – 1 client
  • New York City Marathon (virtual) – 2 clients
  • Pandamit Marathon (Indiana) – 3 clients

Stay tuned for their results!

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