2014 Racing Season – Client Accomplishments

Our Clients had many impressive and exciting accomplishments during this fall’s road racing season:

Peter V. completed 2 marathons this fall, including a personal record and Boston Marathon qualifying time of 3:22 at the Naperville Marathon.   Read about his journey here.

Diane completed her first marathon this fall at the Chicago Marathon in a time of 4:30.  She had all but given up on her dream of running a marathon 20 years ago due to injury, but her training with us allowed her to reach her goal.  Diane says ” “I never gave up on my dream but thanks to Laurie’s help I was able to finally reach my goals and feel like a champion.”  Read more about Diane’s journey here.

Ryan completed his first marathon this fall at the Chicago Marathon in a time of 3:54.   Ryan told us “I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help.”

Dana completed the Des Plaines River Trail Marathon this fall – completing a marathon injury-free for the first time in her running career.

Wendy completed the Indianapolis Marathon this fall, qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Felicity completed the Naperville Marathon this fall.

Kristine completed her first marathon at the New York City Marathon this fall.  She is hoping to return there in 2016 to better her time.  Kristine says “Probably be looking to you for help on that!!!”

Mary completed her first 2 half-marathons this fall with a Personal Record of 2:06 at the Naperville Half-Marathon.   She also won her age group in a 5K this past spring.  A year ago she was unable to run due to serious injury.  Read about her journey here.

Linda completed her first Half Marathon at the Naperville Half-Marathon this fall.   Linda said “Thank you for the training!”

Catherine set a Personal Record in the Half-Marathon at the Naperville Half-Marathon.  Catherine said “It’s all from your training!”

Peter K. completed his first 5K this fall with his daughters.  Peter says “I couldn’t even walk around the block without being in pain and now I am running some. My daughters and I did the Color Vibe 5K, and while my time was a little slower than I had hoped, the point is that I did it and that would not have been possible if I had not spent time training with you.”

P.J. completed 2 triathlons this fall, overcoming injury issues with our training help.

Jerry completed several 5K and 8K races this year – his first races ever at the age of 68 – after training with us this year.  Read about his journey here.

I can’t wait to see what these clients, as well as all of our new ones, do in 2015!

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